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We have a line of shirts, hoodies, mugs and other products available through the link here! This is just a small selection of the designs we have available. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Product Sample

Hayabusa Lightweight Gi

Hyabusa lightweight gi best bjj

Hyabusa have great quality gi’s that are at a reasonable price! After rolling in my Hyabusa gi I can definitely say that I would give a strong recommendation for this brand to anyone looking for their first gi! It has a great fit, the material is comfortable and it doesn’t restrict my movement. If you want to check this gi out for yourself follow the link here!

Kingz Balistico 2.0

Kingz Balistico 2.0 Gi

Kingz is my favorite gi brand by far! Anyone who asks me anything about gi’s gets more than they bargained for when I over enthusiastically tell them about how good Kingz gi’s are! The first gi I ever got was a Kingz V2 Ripstop and it is by far my favorite. I’m getting the Kingz Balistico 2.0 in the next couple months and I seriously can’t wait! Kingz makes the highest quality gi’s that look and feel amazing! If I was to recommend any one gi to somebody it would of course be a Kingz! Follow the link here if you are interested!

Jiu Jitsu University

Jiu Jitsu University Saulo Ribeiro bjj book








Jiu Jitsu University by Saulo Ribeiro was the first Jiu Jitsu book I ever purchased! I picked up a ton of details on different sweeps, passes and subs from this book and I always recommend it to new students! A lot of other students I train with also have this book and I haven’t heard any complaints about it so far. Everyone has something they can learn from this book!

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