Where to Start With Rubber Guard: My Experience

For the first few years of training I never used any Rubber Guard technique. I listened to a lot of Joe Rogan and from time to time I would see someone in my club get to Mission Control then let go because they didn't know what to do next. I never had much interest in learning this guard until one of my instructors friends came to town and showed some basic rubber guard to the class. He went over how to properly get Mission Control and do the Zombie (Getting your opponents hand on the mat). Then he went over a few things from Meathook. (Don't worry if these names mean nothing to you yet, you'll learn them if you keep reading and use the resources I suggest.

This was my first experience training Rubber Guard with anyone who actually understood it. I didn't take to it right away. I think I got to mission control a couple of times in the next few weeks but soon gave up on it. After a few months something made me want to give it a try again, maybe I watched a video or maybe I was just bored, I can't remember exactly what prompted me to work on the techniques from that class again.

Once I started working Rubber Guard again I had a lot of success, for a while. My training partners soon figured out what I was doing and how to shut it down; I had to find new ways to make Rubber Guard work for me. I started digging around online to find resources for improving my rubber guard and learning the different paths. Eventually me and my roommate started going through Eddie Bravos Mastering The Rubber Guard DVD's and now were working on stuff from Mastering the System. I'm still new to Rubber Guard and I have a lot to learn but hopefully my experience will help you to get a start on your Rubber Guard training.

I'm going to share some of the stuff that helped me when I first starting out as well as what resources are out there to learn more.

Mastering the System

Mastering the System is Eddie Bravo's subscription service. It's kind of like Netflix for 10th Planet. There is more content on there than I will ever have the time to watch, it's also broken down by technique so you can go to the exact minute of the exact video that shows the technique you're working on. There is so much information that comes with this subscription, it's definitely worth the low price point that it's offered at.

This is an earlier video from mastering the system where Eddie goes over some Rubber Guard basics.


This will give you a thorough run over of what Rubber guard is from the man himself, Eddie Bravo! If your serious about learning Rubber Guard I highly recommend looking into the Mastering the System subscription on the 10th Planet website, you wont regret it.

The Basic Path

The first path that most people learn in the Rubber Guard system, and the first that I learned, goes like this: Mission Control, Zombie, New York, Chill Dog, Jiu Claw, Omoplata. Each Position and transition has its own name, there are a lot of names to learn but once you learn them it seriously does help you remember the system. The video below will walk you through each of these techniques. Once you have this basic path figured out you can expand on it and branch out from any part of the path.


These two videos should get you off to a start. The best way I've found to learn rubber guard is by finding someone else who wants to learn the system and work through the techniques together. Once you have a grasp of the technique add some resistance. Once you feel comfortable go live with positional sparring starting from different positions in the Rubber Guard system.


One of the best places I've found for learning new technique lately is Instagram. There are tons of pages putting up amazing technique videos. Some of my favorites are @thekentpeters and @bernardofariabjj just to name a couple. One of the best pages for learning Rubber Guard is @rubberguardassassins and any of the 10th planet gym pages. Brandon Mccaafton is another great resource. You can check out his website here. While your'e on Instagram make sure to follow my account @mat_savage_memes for some more great content!

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