What I Do To Learn Technique From BJJ Videos

Edited by: Isaac Olson

If you've been doing BJJ for any length of time you’ve probably watched a lot of Jiu Jitsu videos and constantly live and breath Jiu Jitsu. You’ve most likely lost sleep at night replaying techniques in your head trying to remember what your coach showed the night before, stressed over trying to figure out how you got caught in a submission during rolling or just thinking about that new setup to your favorite sweep you watched on YouTube.


Once after class, I was picking my coach’s brain about Jiu Jitsu and what we had been working on in the previous classes. At one point we got onto the topic of techniques we had seen on social media. My coach’s advice was when we watch these technique videos we should make sure we understood why the technique was being performed instead of simply trying to memorize, and imitate the movements.


He went on to add that visualizing yourself doing the technique in the first person will be far more beneficial than simply memorizing the movement. It's okay to watch a video and say "Yeah I see what he's doing there," but it is crucial that you take the time to picture yourself performing the technique. This will result in you having a better understanding of the mechanics behind the technique. Ask yourself, why do I need a certain grip? How do I need to position myself to make the technique work efficiently and control my opponent? By asking yourself these types of questions, you won't have to memorize every detail of the technique because you will have a better understanding of the mechanics behind the movement.


Of course, simply going over technique in your head won’t get you very far because there's no substitute for putting the time in on the mats and embracing the grind; but if you use this method to visualize techniques before class, it will save you time once you get on the mats. That means more time left to get more reps in and live drilling to cement the technique into your game. By doing this I have saved myself a lot of headaches and it has helped me gain a better understanding of whether or not a technique will fit my game before I even step on the mats.


Want to give this method a try for yourself? Go check out my friends Kent Peters and Eli Knights YouTube Channels!


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